Program Friday, April 14th

General Assembly (8:30-9:30)

Session 4: Methods (9:30-10:30)

Moderators: Rob Nelissen & Thies van der Lelij
Abby Niesen
9:35Differences in globally-aligned versus local baseplate coordinate systems when computing migration using model-based radiostereometric analysis
Abby Niesen
9:44Influence of marker-selection method on mean tibial baseplate migration and individual migration patterns in TKA using marker-based RSA. A re-analysis of an RCT with 5 year follow-up
Thies van der Lelij
9:53Measurement error versus repeated measurements: Two methods for computing bias and precision of migration measurements from double examinations using radiostereometric analysis
Abby Niesen
Nominated for Best Presentation
10:02The Influence of bead size on migration parameters of model-based roentgenstereometric analysis in small joints: A comparison of 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm beads in the proximal interphalangeal joint, a phantom study
Rianne Oomen
10:11Corroboration of coupled musculoskeletal model and finite element predictions with in-vivo RSA migration of an uncemented acetabular component
Stuart Callary
10:20Radiostereometry of a novel ceramic hip resurfacing – comparison of clinical precision for uniplanar and biplanar techniques
Martin Downing

Rapid fire session 2 (10:30-10:45)

Moderators: Dennis Janssen & Bart Kaptein
10:303D Virtual Planning to Assist Intra-Operative Articular Reduction and Implant Choice for Patients with Tibial Plateau Fractures
Nynke van der Gaast
10:32Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Tibial Baseplate Stability between Anatomic (Femur-First) and Mechanical Alignment Techniques using Radiostereometric Analysis
Trevor Gascoyne
10:34Mid-term Migration of the Stemless Simpliciti Shoulder System in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Radiostereometric and Clinical study with Five Years Follow-up
Rianne Oomen
10:36Randomized controlled trial comparison of two hydroxy-apatite coated hip stems using radiostereometric analysis
Trevor Gascoyne
10:38Objectively measured knee instability during Pivot-shift test.
-An experimental Dynamic RSA study

Tobias Vind
10:40Can Virtual Three-Dimensional Planning for Proximal Humerus Fractures Reduce Intra-Articular Screw Penetration?
Reinier Spek
10:42Ten years of the Canadian RSA Network: Progress, lessons, and prospects for RSA in Canada
Trevor Gascoyne

Break: (10:45-11:15)

Keynote 2: (11:15-11:45)

11:15Machine Learning in Orthopaedics
Eric Garling, Stryker

Session 5: Kinematics (11:45-12:45)

Moderators: Emil Toft Petersen & Kelly Mills
11:45Spotlight: Kinematics
Emil Toft Petersen
11:50Medial congruent polyethylene design show different tibiofemoral kinematics and enhanced congruency compared to a standard symmetrical cruciate retaining design for total knee arthroplasty-an in vivo randomized controlled study of gait using dynamic radiostereometry
Emil Toft Petersen
Nominated for Best Presentation
11:59Tibiofemoral and patellofemoral kinematics are both affected in patients with patellar maltracking disorders; a dynamic CT study
Dennis Janssen
11:08Impact of radial head arthroplasty diameter on elbow joint kinematics evaluated by dynamic radiostereometric analysis
Johanne Frost Teilmann
11:17Evaluation of glenohumeral kinematics following a simulated bony Bankart lesion. A dynamic radiosteometric cadaver study
Josephine Olsen Kipp
11:26Differences in tibiofemoral contact locations between bicruciate-retaining and posterior cruciate-retaining TKA
Kelly Mills
11:35Precision of CT-based radiostereomatric analysis compared to marker-based radiostereometry in midfoot kinematics
Magnus Poulsen
12:44In-vivo kinematics evaluation of total ankle replacement through dynamic radiostereometric analysis: A prospective study
Raffaele Zinno

Lunch: (12:45-13:45)

Keynote 3: (13:45-14:15)

11:15A T. rex walks into the x-ray department…
Anne Schulp, Naturalis

Session 6: Bearing surfaces and wear (14:15-15:15)

Moderators: Nico Verdonschot & Nina Mathijssen
Gunnar Flivik
14:20No difference in wear between 32 and 36 mm metal femoral heads in uncemented cups with highly cross-linked polyethylene. An RSA study with up to 10 years follow-up.
Gunnar Flivik
14:29Comparison of 5-year cup and stem migration between a ceramic and polyethylene liner in press-fit total hip arthroplasty (THA), a randomized controlled trial using radiostereometric analysis (RSA)
Amanda Klaassen
14:38Polyethylene wear in mobile- and fixed-bearing unicompartmental knee arthroplasty; a randomized controlled RSA study with 5 years follow-up
Daan Koppens
14:47Cemented versus cementless dual mobility cup show similar fixation, low polyethylene wear, and low serum cobalt-chromium in elderly patients: a randomized radiostereometry study with 6 years follow-up
Peter Bo Jørgensen
14:56Wear in total hip arthroplasty with the Regenerex cup: A radiostereometric study with 5 years of follow up
Jantsje Pasma (Nina Mathijssen)
15:05Polyethylene liner motion in dual mobility hip prostheses measured with static and dynamic RSA one year after operation
Peter Bo Jørgensen

Break: (15:15-15:45)

Wrap-up & Closing (16:05-16:30)

Presentation of the 2025 RSA Meeting organization

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