The Best Presentation Award

During this 8th RSA meeting on Friday afternoon, a Best Presentation Award will be chosen by the audience. The organizing committee has nominated 5 abstracts based on relevance, methodology and clarity of the abstract.

So make sure to be present during the award ceremony and vote for your Best Presentation!

Nominees for The Best Presentation Award

  • Lars Engseth: CT-based migration analysis is more precise than radiostereometric analysis in total knee arthroplasty a phantom study and first clinical results
  • Nienke de Laat: Volumetric Matching Micromotion Analysis to measure migration of tibial components in CT images: A clinical validation study of 24 patients
  • Emil Toft Petersen: Medial congruent polyethylene design show different tibiofemoral kinematics and enhanced congruency compared to a standard symmetrical cruciate retaining design for total knee arthroplasty-an in vivo randomized controlled study of gait using dynamic radiostereometry
  • Abby Niesen: Measurement Error versus Repeated Measurements: Two Methods for Computing Bias and Precision of Migration Measurements from Double Examinations Using Radiostereometric Analysis
  • Karina Linde: Topical Zoledronate decreases migration of cementless total knee arthroplasty by suppression of bone resorption.

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