Social Challenge

To help you interact socially and start your new collaborations, we challenge you to participate in our Social Challenge competition. You will find a “Nijmegen-icon” on your badge. Find other delegates with the same icon (or a complete team match) and perform as many activities together as you can. Send the proof (pictures please!) to Petra. Take care that your matching icons are on the picture. If you need inspiration, you can find a list of activities on this page, but feel free to think of new activities! You can earn points (originality, number of activities) for the leaderboard and the participant with the most points will win a prize, which will be awarded during the award session. Perhaps you also want to dine together with your new friends at the conference diner?

Make a selfie with your icon buddies
Drink a coffee or tea together
Have lunch together
Get a snack for your buddy
Share your main research theme by a drawing
Play hints and act out your hobby
Check out and discuss the e-posters together
Cycle together
Share your activities on Twitter or LinkedIn with #irsa23
Link on LinkedIn

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